Welcome To ThermoDent Inc.

ThermoDent Inc is a California based company that’s main mission is the development of dental products! ThermoDent Inc is a collaboration of dental technicians and specialized chemists who are both in the search of changing the dental industry for the better!  With years of hard work and thousands of hours in research and development, we are proud to offer a product you can finally smile about!

Who Is ThermoDent Inc.

Our mission is to change the way removable dental products are made today! With the advancement in technology, ThermoDent has been able to extract a higher grade of thermoplastics that allow for a longer, stronger, and lighter product than those that are being used today! With ThermoDent, we hope to one day replace acrylics, monomers, and even metals to allow for a more mouth friendly products!

If we can create a product that will last longer, become stronger, weigh less, and have a significantly lower allergen level, why use anything else!
We at ThermoDent Inc. promise to continue to strive in advancing our dental products to ensure a longer lasting appliance you and your patient can be comfortable and happy with!

ThermoDent Crazy Test Results

Percentage stronger than Nylon 6 on the Charpy Strength Test | 100
Percentage more Flexural Modulus (MPa) than Nylon 6 | 100
Percentage as tough as PMMA | 95


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