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With the advancement in dental technology, more and more dental practitioners are looking at removable appliances as an alternative option for their patients. History shows that every hundred years or so there is a change in materials used for full denture and partial denture appliances, and currently we are due for a new one to replace the old!

Why Choose Thermodent?

The less chemicals the better! There are no added liquid chemicals to ThermoDents material during the process and finish stage (Unless your clear frame partial is made with acrylic saddles). This gives you more options for those patients who are sensitive to chemicals or resins!
Unlike the flexible materials out today that are translucent and inconsistent, ThermoDents color holds up to even the harshest liquids and foods a mouth can endure.  If you’ve done a flexible partial before, you know the color can change after even a few months in the mouth. That yellowish dry that seems to attach itself to the material is something you’ll never have to worry about with ThermoDent!
ThermoDent, like acrylic, shaves off with ease, allowing you to make chair side adjustments quick and painless! No more splinters or stringy fibers, just a happy patient you can see in a timely manner!
Whether you are prescribing a full denture with implant, or a clear frame partial, the options are endless!

ThermoDent Combo

Combining traditional with new age, this is metal framework infrastructure with ThermoDent Tooth Colored Clasps gives you the best of both worlds. Not only does this blend in with your current tooth color, it also ensures a comfortable fit when tissue colored clasps cause too much pain or irritation to the patient.


ThermoDent Two Tone Denture

This is a combination of both our ThermoDent Clear and ThermoDent Pink to give your patient another option when choosing the right denture for themselves. The ThermoDent Clear disappears in the mouth while the pink overlay adds more characteristics that make your denture more lifelike!


ThermoDent Full Denture with Locators

Acrylic dentures with implants are always recommended to have metal infrastructures to ensure no cracking or breakage will occur around the implant housing area. This adds weight and unwanted minerals in the patients mouth that is definitely uncomforting! With ThermoDent, this metal infrastructure is no longer needed! Lightweight and true to itself, ThermoDent over dentures can handle implants by themselves!