Making the right choice, the ThermoDent choice!

With the vast array of different thermoplastic materials out there, choosing the right one has never been more difficult for a lab. until now! What I can ensure you is this, with ThermoDents versatility, color stability, strength, and comfort, the future of dental prosthetics starts here!

ThermoDent Services and Benefits

Whether you are a dental professional, laboratory, or inquiring patient, we have a variety of FREE promotional material that fits your needs! From Postcards, flyers and posters, to patient eduation and training guides, we have the material you need to take yourself to the next level!

Here at ThermoDent we always want to make sure you the laboratory has the best training possible! Whether it be in house training, online webinars, or even making a trip to your laboratory, we will do what we can to ensure you can use ThermoDent to its full potential!
Tech support is always live and available for when you need it! Whether it be an email, phone call, or video call, ThermoDents tech support will always do its best to make sure your questions are always answered!

Live Webinars are available to answer questions or help you with perfecting your technique to ensure the best possible ThermoDent product can be created!
Take advantage of our online blog to see what other labs, dental professionals, and patients are saying about ThermoDent and their experience. Read tips made by some labs or get ideas of what you can create while using ThermoDent!