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Choosing the right dental appliance is always a difficult process and these questions always come to mind; How much will it cost me? Whats the material made of? Will is look aesthetic once its finished? How reliable is it? What is the procedure?

With a breakthrough in dental technology, ThermoDent is leading the way to creating longer lasting, stronger, more aesthic, and cost efficient materials your treating dental professional can now offer you! Not only are you getting a product you can depend on, but a product you wont have to worry might break just by dropping it from table top height. Unlike all acrylic partials and dentures that break under stress, ThermoDent the challenge!


Why Choose ThermoDent?

Unlike traditional dentures and partials that are made from acrylic, ThermoDent appliances are made from an advanced thermoplastic that gives you a virtually unbreakable appliance!
From the tooth colored and clear clasps to the pink based colors, ThermoDent blends in perfect to ensure you can wear your appliance with comfort and confidence!
ThermoDent is made to be more rigid then your typical nylon 6 flexible partials. This helps ensure you have a well formed appliance that will stay where you place it without over flexing! Since it’s a thermoplastic, it’s also lighter leaving it seamless in your mouth!
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ThermoDent Full Denture

The first full denture that is not only monomer and acrylic free, but also VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE! ThermoDent has the same opaque color quality as acrylics, but without their imperfections!


ThermoDent Clear Frame

Out with metals, in with ThermoDent Clear Frames! ThermoDent Clear Frames allow you to offer your patient a complete partial that is monomer, acrylic, and metal free! Its flexural ability also allows for you to be able to hide clear clasps at a higher level than you would be able to with metal, giving a more aesthetically pleasing appearance! Clear Frames are also perfect for patients who cant tolerate the strain of tissue colored clasps!


ThermoDent Overlay Smile

With ThermoDent Overlay Smiles you have endless options. Whether you are covering a segment, or even your entire arch, ThermoDent Overlay Smiles are always a great choice! Even for transitional temps while crowns are being made, ThermoDent Overlay Smiles gives you an appliance you can rely on!